Playoff Predictions: East

Warning these predictions come with extreme bias, little thought to what may actually happen, and lots of sarcasm.

1. Washington Capitals vs. 8 Montreal Canadiens

The Capitals have won the President’s Trophy and even with questionable goaltending, their ability to score at will makes them tough to beat. the Habs on the other hand, snuck into the playoffs by virtue of not losing in regulation to the Maple Leafs. I think Washington’s offense will be too much for Carey Price and @walsha client Jaroslav Halak to handle.

Capitals in 4

2. New Jersey Devils vs. 7. Philadelphia Flyers

It is a true testament to Devil’s fans hatred of the Rags that they cheered on the Flyers in their final game, knowing full well Montreal was a more favorable matchup. The Flyers dominated the Devils this season. But, considering the Devils swept Pittsburgh, and the season long issues in Philly, you have to wonder how many times Parise and company circled the Flyers games on their calendar as “Big Games.” That being said Boucher was great against the Rags and this team has come together at the right time. You also have two coaches that have won the cup. The Flyers have been knocked out by the Pens the last two seasons, and would like the opportunity to get eliminated by them again. The Devils have their own playoff ghosts to overcome in Kovalchuk and the meltdown in game 7 last season.  I really believe this well be a hard fought great series. I also predict Kovalchuk and Parise put on a clinic against the Flyers,  and the coaching genius of Jacques Lemaire comes out on top in this one.

Devils in 5

3. Buffalo Sabres vs. 6. Boston Bruins

The Sabres wanted so badly to not face the feared Bruins they pulled their goalie in the final seconds to try and win in regulation and had him run right into the official to make sure Jamie Langenbrunner (Captain America) got the empty netter. The Sabres have been a team on the cusp the last few seasons and with the best goalie in the world this season, they are a team to be feared. The Bruins have never seemed to hit their stride this season. Between injuries, Thomas’s struggles and losing Kessel, this is not the team that dominated the east a season ago. Rask has talent, but this will be his first big test. Miller on the other hand, has seen more pressure than this this year and come out on top (save for one little OT goal by the games best player) But let me be hionest, I’m not picking the Sabres to win because of Miller, I’m picking them to win because quite frankly I hate Boston as a sports city. I could explain why, but its not hard to figure out *cough*goyankees*cough*

Sabres in 6

4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5. Ottawa Senators

The Senators are a team that will do anything to win. While Vancouverputins will only go as far as to pull the fire alarm at the hotel where opposing teams are staying, the Senators set a team’s equipment van on fire. The Penguins have seemed lackadaisical at times this season almost biding their time for the playoffs. And why not, they’ve been to the finals the last two years, why waste your energy on that silly thing known as the regular season. The Pens know what it takes to win, but the senators will have Pens haters everywhere cheering them on. Despite this, I doubt anyone is seriously picking the Sens to win, so I will, but not seriously

ens in 7


Coming Soon: West predictions

Also: looking for some hockey to fill in the time? Check out Power Play Manager- link on the right. Season 4 is underway and my team is competing (and by competing I mean getting its butt kicked) in the top American division.


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