Jaroslav Halak…

…May bring Stanley back… but not to Montreal. Others who are much more knowledgeable will bring you a lot better insight into this trade, so I instead want to focus on “why” this trade happened. I admit I have no inside knowledge, this is all theory.

It has been reported that the Habs and Halak/Walsh (his agent) have not spoken since the playoffs. This has lead to the belief that “Price was always their man.” But I propose instead that it was more a case of “Halak not being their man.” Which, given the playoff performance and the city getting behind him has to make you ask how that could be. The answer: Allen Walsh.

As a wild fan we are all to familiar with Walsh’s exploits. He took a comment by Wild beat reporter Michael Russo regarding Petr Sykora doing warm-ups and proceeded to bash the team on Twitter for their treatment of him. I believe this, and not Sykora’s play (he was hardly given a chance to play) was the reason for his release. Early in the season Walsh began campaigning for his client Halak to be the starter. In addition to the infamous “I Halak it a lot” tweets, he also took to bashing Price. I have a hard time believing this endeared Walsh or Halak to anyone in Habs management.

Sometimes even good and loved players are problems in the locker room. Maybe Habs management thought it best to not have to worry about which player Walsh would attack next.


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